Your LinkedIn Headline Is More Important Than Ever!

Your LinkedIn headline is now more important than ever, because it will now be more visible than ever. LinkedIn recently launched a new layout that gives the entire site a more streamlined look and included in this update is a change that will now associate your headline with your name every time you post content […]

Changes are Coming to Your LinkedIn Search Results

You log onto LinkedIn, ready to track down a candidate for a new job order or identify 10 new sales prospects. You punch in the desired keyword to execute your LinkedIn search and VOILA! You have a few hundred people to comb through. Problem is after you go through the handful of 1st, 2nd, and […]

Do you have a paper bag over your head on LinkedIn?

According to a Forbes article from earlier this year, the “who viewed my profile” section of LinkedIn was the site’s most popular feature among all users. Additionally, it is reported that profiles with pictures receive 11x to 14x the number of views as profiles without pictures. What continues to amaze me is that many LinkedIn […]

Don’t leave your LinkedIn business card blank!

LinkedIn is all about connecting with colleagues and other professionals for career opportunities, professional networking, and business development. If you went on a job interview, would you leave your contact information blank on your resume? Do you bring business cards with only your name and company to a trade show or industry happy hour? Do […]

Your LinkedIn Shadow

Your headline on LinkedIn is one of the most highly visible portions of your profile. In fact, just like your shadow, it follows you everywhere you go. This is why it is the second most critical part of building a great LinkedIn profile (your picture is first). Virtually everyone you engage with will see your LinkedIn profile headline. […]

Great questions to ask in an initial sales call

There is one universal truth that applies to any initial sales calls. No two will ever be the same. This is true simply because every buyer and business has different needs and values different things when making buying decisions. John’s Bakery and Suzy’s Bakery both bake and sell bread. These businesses are similar in name, […]

Why a text based approach in HTML can improve email open rates 

Email marketing is one of the most important components of any businesses marketing strategy. It does not matter if you are a major corporation or a small locally owned business. Successful email marketing can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Businesses of all sizes spend significant resources on acquiring email addresses, managing them […]

Using LinkedIn to build your network and pipeline

Connecting with new prospects should be a routine process for all sales reps. A metric should be set on how many prospects you want to connect with each day/week. Implementing a structured process will turn your time on LinkedIn from aimlessly sending out connection requests to a legitimate strategy that will turn cold prospects warm. […]

Fall Tradeshow Tips

Fall is almost here and that means another round of tradeshows as the year moves to a close following the summer. Maximizing a tradeshow is as much about the pre-show and post-show work as it is showing up for and working the tradeshow itself. The key to a successful show is to generate pre-show buzz, […]