Geolocated Mobile Advertising


Locate. Advertise. Convert.

Geolocating, or targeting consumers by their location, is emerging as a valuable tool to understand customer behaviors, drive traffic and increase revenue. Reach prospects with timely ads, coupons or flash deals. Take it one step further by using the data to build a broader understanding of your customer and their path to purchase. Emerging as a vital marketing tool, geolocating will target customers within a specific distance of your business/promotion, market to prospects within certain distance of a competitor’s business and provide search results based on location.

YouTube Video Advertising

Right ads, to the right people, at the right time.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd most visited website worldwide, behind Google and Facebook.  Still viewed as an underutilized marketing channel, YouTube is the most powerful social network for the last stage of the sales funnel–the purchase.

By targeting specific behaviors and demographics, your audience is primed for your advertisement. Build credibility, engage prospects and improve your google ranking by utilizing media and repurposing content.

  • Target by geography and demographic: Select audiences to show your ad to based on who they are and where they live
  • Target by audience and interest: Show your ad to specific audiences based on their online activities and interests.
  • Target by content: Place your ad next to content likely to attract your target audience.

Display Advertising

Banner ads, text, rich media and video.

In the world of digital marketing, display advertising is one of the most effective channels for marketing your services. With endless options for consumer targeting, display ads aim to:

  • Brand and build awareness to reach new prospects.
  • Engage with prospects already in the funnel.
  • Drive sales with special discounts aimed at customers already in your database.
  • Offer a full funnel approach by doing all three simultaneously.

Retargeted Display Advertising

Click. Return. Convert.

How do we recapture a prospect after they leave your website? Creating a retargeted ad campaign will find your visitors across the web and serve ads to them in real time. The result? Your visitors click on the ad, return to your website and your rate of conversion increases.