AltaVista Testimonials

AltaVista prides itself on having a 5-star ranking on Google. Below you’ll find our client testimonials, in addition to our reviews directly from Google.

AltaVista just put us in a completely different gear once we got set up with them. Whenever something pops up and they have an idea, they reach out to us. They just put us in the best position for success. They are an extension of our business.
We've been working with AltaVista for about 4 years now. It's almost like having an additional sales rep or a sales person out there kind of networking with customers you really want to engage with. AltaVista definitely gives us a one-up as far as introducing us to customers we wouldn't otherwise have access to.
AltaVista is extremely responsive and customer service oriented. It does feel like a partnership. They're a resource that allows us to supplement our pipeline when there's a million other things going on. It's hard to say where we would be able to replicate what AltaVista does for us. Their goal is the same as ours, which is to grow our business.
I didn't anticipate how much of our own customer base would react to our marketing. We have a plan, we attack the plan, and we grow it together. I really feel like the AltaVista team is an extension of the S. Albert Glass team.