There is one universal truth that applies to any initial sales calls. No two will ever be the same. This is true simply because every buyer and business has different needs and values different things when making buying decisions. John’s Bakery and Suzy’s Bakery both bake and sell bread. These businesses are similar in name, but what if John focuses on mass production and sells to grocery stores while Suzy sells artisans breads direct to consumers? Their criteria and needs when it comes to buying ingredients, equipment, or packaging will be very different. Despite John and Suzy having different buying criteria and needs, they can still be asked the same questions in an initial sales call. Below is a list of great questions that are relevant in any initial sales call. - Tell me about your organization and your current role? - What do you really like about working with your current provider? - Do you have any concerns with your current provider? Can you elaborate on these? - Can you rank what is most important for you in the buying process? - Do you have any concerns about moving forward and doing business with us? - Does it sound like our services/organization can solve your current issues? - How should I follow up after getting you a proposal? What is your timeline? - What are the next steps we need to take for us to begin working together? Asking a combination of questions off this list will help any sales professional understand their prospects current needs, issues with existing providers, and the qualities they look for in a great vendor. A sales professional armed with this information can sell directly to their prospects’ pains which will lead to increased closing percentages and higher sales totals. For more information on how AltaVista Strategic Partners can help with your sales and marketing strategy, please fill out the form on this page, call us at 410-760-6680, or email us at [email protected].

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