You have emailed a proposal to a great prospect that asked you to follow up in three days. You wait three days and pick up the phone only to hear:

“Sorry, I have been extremely busy and not had a chance to look at your proposal yet”

This is a common frustration that even the most experienced sales professionals confront. But what if there was a way to know your email had been opened? Or better yet, how many times it had been opened? What if your proposal had been sent via a hyperlink and you could see that it had been clicked?

Hubspot’s new Sidekick app for email tracking can answer all of these questions. The app is easy to install, can be integrated with Outlook (PC only) and gives you real time insights into your sent emails. Checkout a screenshot of my Sidekick Activity Stream:
Sidekick Blog Picture

Would you rather call a prospect who has opened your email 7 times in the last day or once?

The power of this application as a follow up tool is incredible. It can help determine which prospects should be called and when we should call them. Calling a prospect 15 minutes after they opened your email for the 5th time should prove more effective than calling them 6 hours later when it is no longer on their mind.

Sidekick provides additional reporting to show how many of your tracked emails are opened and can be integrated with salesforce.

If you want to improve your follow up process with prospects integrate your outlook with SideKick and start tracking how your prospects are engaging with your emails.

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