Weekly Digital Marketing Roundup

October 30, 2017 - By Aaron Hockel

Here are the biggest announcements, product updates, and news stories impacting the digital marketing industry last week:

Google My Business Expands Booking Feature

Google is expanding the number of businesses that can use the booking feature through their Google My Business dashboard. They have added integrations with 10+ third party booking providers to power the feature. Below is a screenshot of what your account will show when you login if your business is eligible. Click here to read more on this story on Search Engine Land.  

Google Updates Ad URL Tracking Process

Google has announced a change to how URL tracking is processed on paid ads. The landing pages will now load instantly with the tracking URL's processing at the same time behind the scenes. Google is calling this feature "parallel tracking". Previously, URL tracking codes processed before pages loaded. Google says this will improve campaign performance by speeding up landing page load times. Click here to read Google's official announcement on the AdWords Blog.  

Facebook Expanding Ad Transparency

Facebook is adding a "View Ads" button to pages that will show users every ad the page is running, even if a user is not inside the intended audience. For pages running political ads, this will go even further and include an archive of all past ads. Political ads will now feature an option to click through directly to more information about the pages running the ad as well. Click here to read more on this story from Social Media Today.    

Instagram Redesigns Ad CTA's

Call to action buttons on Instagram ads will now dynamically convert to the primary color of the featured photo or video. Previously the buttons turned blue. This redesign is meant to make ads feel more natural in user's feeds. Checkout the comparison below where the new ad has a green CTA button and click here to read more on this story.    

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