Weekly Digital Marketing Roundup

September 5, 2017 - By Aaron Hockel

Here are the biggest announcements, product updates, and news stories impacting the digital marketing industry last week:

YELP Announces Custom Audiences

Ready to target YELP users on a deeper level? Last week the company announced its search data will be migrated to demand side platforms allowing advertisers to build highly customized audiences. The targeting will allow brands to reach YELP users based on very specific criteria, including 1,000+ business categories, brand, price range, demographics, and location. YELP users are considered end of funnel, with almost 80% making a purchase within one week of visiting the site/app. Click here to learn more about YELP Local Audiences.

Facebook Cracks Down on Pages Sharing Fake News

Facebook has cracked down on Pages that continue to share fake news again. When third party fact checkers flag a page as sharing fake news, the page will be banned from buying ads on Facebook until they stop sharing fake news posts. Facebook already bans pages from linking ads to fake news, but this new policy is only increasing their effort to stop the proliferation of fake news. Click here to read the official Facebook newsroom blog post.

Google Trimming Ad Rotation Options

Google is preparing to offer two options for ad rotations in AdWords; Optimize or Do not optimize. The Optimize feature will use machine based learning to display the highest performing ads, while Do not optimize will indefinitely rotate ads evenly. The change to just two options, pictured below, will take full effect in late September.    

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