Weekly Digital Marketing Roundup

August 21, 2017 - By Aaron Hockel

Here are the biggest announcements, product updates, and news stories impacting the digital marketing industry last week:

Dynamic Bing Ads Pilot Expanded

Bing's dynamic search ads (DSA) have been rolled out to all U.S. Advertisers according to a statement released last week. Setting up and using DSA's in Bing is very similar to Google AdWords, and experienced AdWords users will find the feel of the entire process very familiar. Advertisers have the option to use all site content or just specific pages by limiting what Bing Ads crawls an indexes for DSA's. Here's a quick preview of how the set up process starts in Bing Ads:  

Facebook to Rival TV, YouTube?

Facebook is now offering advertisers the chance to buy in-stream-only video ads, which lines up with the announcement of its new video service Watch. Before, video ads on Facebook could appear in the newsfeed posts, or as pre-roll or mid-roll ads. This new feature increases the likelihood of users watching an advertisers video and having the sound on at the time. The other important quality of the new ads is that it puts Facebook on the same level as YouTube, Hulu, and TV networks in allowing advertisers to specifically choose in-stream ads over specific content. For more on this, click here for in-depth coverage from Tim Peterson of Marketing Land.  

Google Retiring AdWords App-Install Camaigns

With more than 50% of app downloads on the Google network being delivered by Universal App Campaigns (UAC), the search giant has announced it will begin to retire AdWords app-install campaign. Effective October 16, 2017, all app-install campaigns will run as UAC ads and that current app-install campaigns will be automatically stopped on November 15, 2017. Google published a blog post for developers and advertisers with instructions for converting any app-install campaigns to UAC ads on the Inside AdWords blog if you need help updating your existing campaigns.  

Quora Expanding Ad Targeting Options

The popular question and answer site, Quora, announced last week that its new ad interface will now include a retargeting option. The targeting is done using Quora's ad pixel and will allow advertisers to segment audiences for more detailed targeting. Here's a quick screenshot of how the audience selection takes place in their ads manager:    

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