Weekly Digital Marketing Roundup

August 7, 2017 - By Aaron Hockel

Here are the biggest announcements, product updates, and news stories impacting the digital marketing industry last week:

Google Adding New Badges to Images

Google is adding small labels to images that hint at the type of content they contain. The labels include recipes, videos, products, and animated images. The purpose of the labels is to improve user experience and enable users to find images that link to the right type of in-depth coverage. You can read the official announcement on the Google Webmaster Blog. Here's an example of the new badges on a mobile image search:  

Facebook Increasing Emphasis on Page Load Speeds

In another move to push more advertisers and publishers to its Instant Articles format, Facebook has announced it will begin ranking links with slower page load speeds further down the newsfeed. According to the announcement, Facebook will use both the users current connection speed and the page load time into account. The update is mainly focused on mobile page load speeds.

Snapchat Providing New Ad Measurement Tools

Last week Snapchat announced advertisers will have better insights into how Snapchat ads drive brand sales. Third party measurement firms will now be able to analyze ads on Snapchat and compare them against other platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pintrest. The information will flow to the Snapchat ad dashboard. This might be the first step that finally pushes Snapchat into a must buy for advertisers that worried about understanding its true value.

Facebook's Newest Ad Targeting Option

Facebook has begun testing a new ad targeting option, letting brands retarget users who have RSVP'd to one of their events. This was first shared by Moshe Isaccian, a journalist with Social Media Today. This is a two fold initiative by Facebook. It rewards businesses using Facebook events and encourages even more businesses to start using them. Here's screenshot of the new targeting option, that is not yet available to everyone:  

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