How Google Is Changing Email Marketing Forever In 2024

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Have you ever opened an email and suddenly found yourself adding something to your cart? You’re not alone! Around 60% of people say marketing emails have influenced their purchases.

That’s just one of the many reasons email marketing is a popular way to reach your target audience. However, it’s important to note that Google is making changes that will impact your marketing.

It’s essential to be aware of these changes so you can respond appropriately. Are you ready to make sure your emails continue to reach their destination?

Keep reading to learn more about the 2024 email marketing changes you need to know about.

Removal of Inactive Accounts

Google is on a mission to declutter our inboxes by implementing the removal of inactive accounts. This means abandoned email addresses will no longer clutter our precious digital space.

In the past, sending campaigns to unengaged subscribers was a common practice that often led to poor results and wasted resources. But now, with this new approach, brands can ensure that their messages reach an audience genuinely interested in what they offer.

By eliminating inactive accounts, marketers can focus on engaging with those actively opening and interacting with emails. This shift enables businesses to refine their target audience and deliver more personalized content that resonates with recipients on a deeper level.

However, there’s a flip side to this as well. When emails consistently go unanswered or remain unopened, it signals to email providers like Google that these messages may not be relevant or wanted by the recipient. As a result, future campaigns may end up being flagged as spam or delivered straight to the promotions tab- a fate no marketer wants for their carefully crafted content.

Removing inactive accounts may improve deliverability rates. However, to be effective, you need to practice regular list maintenance. Keeping emails that Google deletes with this update will result in the email bouncing.

Proper Sender Verification

Proper sender verification is now more crucial than ever before. This change targets email marketers sending emails in bulk. If you’re sending over 5,000 emails per day, you will be impacted.

However, even if you aren’t, you should implement changes. So, what exactly does proper sender verification entail?

Custom Sending Address

First things first, make sure you set up a custom sending address. This means using an email address that has your domain name in it. For example, if your website is, the sending address should be something like [email protected].

After all, what better way to verify your identity than by using an email linked to your domain? It shows you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure security and trust.

SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Authentication

Ensuring that your messages reach their intended recipients is crucial. That’s where SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication come into play. These acronyms might sound like a mouthful, but they are game-changers in email delivery.

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. It helps prevent email spoofing by verifying that the sending server is authorized to send on behalf of a particular domain. This means that only legitimate emails from trusted sources will make it through.

Next up is DKIM – DomainKeys Identified Mail. This authentication method adds a digital signature to your outgoing emails.

This allows receiving servers to verify the authenticity of the message. By digitally signing your emails with DKIM, you can significantly reduce the chances of them being marked as spam emails or phishing attempts.

Last but not least is DMARC – Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance. It combines SPF and DKIM to provide an extra layer of protection against email fraud. With DMARC in place, you can specify how receiving servers should handle emails that fail authentication checks – whether they should be quarantined or rejected altogether.

By implementing these three authentication methods, you’re ensuring better email deliverability and building trust with your subscribers by protecting them from scams or phishing attacks.

Provide an Easy Way to Unsubscribe

Marketers have often overlooked one thing: making it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe from their lists. It may seem counterintuitive as an email marketer to make it easy for people to leave your list, but trust us – it’s essential.

When users can’t easily unsubscribe from emails, they may mark them as spam. This can seriously affect your sender reputation score, directly impacting deliverability rates.

You comply with anti-spam rules by offering a simple way for users to opt-out. You also build trust and loyalty among your audience.

Typically, you’ll find that most email marketing providers automatically place that option in the footer of your email. However, with the upcoming changes, making it even more apparent is essential. Instead of having the option hidden at the bottom, include a one-click unsubscribe link that’s easy to find in the header.

Spam Rate Below 0.3%

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing has always been dealing with spam. But in 2024, Google is ensuring that the spam rate for emails falls below a mere 0.3%. This is excellent news for marketers and recipients alike.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, think about it – how often have you opened your inbox to be bombarded with irrelevant promotional messages or shady offers? Sifting through all that clutter can be frustrating and time-consuming.

With Google’s new measures, the search giant will ensure that only legitimate and relevant emails make it into your inbox. This is great for your inbox, but it also means you must ensure that your emails are wanted.

This is another reason it’s essential to make unsubscribing easy for recipients who no longer want to receive your messages.

Boost Your Email Marketing in 2024

We are moving into the future of email marketing. And it’s clear that Google leads the way in changing this vital tool. With their innovative changes and updates, they are shaping the landscape for marketers and users alike.

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