Last Week In Digital Marketing: July 24 – July 28, 2017

Weekly Digital Marketing Roundup August 2, 2017 – By Aaron Hockel Here are the biggest announcements, product updates, and news stories impacting the digital marketing industry last week: Twitter Testing Subscription Based Ads Want to try advertising with Twitter? Now you can for $99 per month. Last week news broke of the new service that […]

50 Great AdWords Callout Extensions for Contractors

50 Great Ad Callout Extensions for Contractors September 12, 2016 – By Aaron Hockel Ad callout extensions are snippets of information added to text ads in Google Adwords. They appear as either the second or third line of a text ad and must be less than 25 characters in length. Ad callouts are a proven […]

5 Tips to Increase Website Conversions

Competition for web traffic from paid and organic search has rapidly increased in the past year and is only going to continue increasing as more and more businesses go online. As a result of this increase, it is critical to focus on improving your website conversion rate and not focusing strictly on getting more visitors. […]

Maximizing LinkedIn Endorsements

In every LinkedIn training I always ask participants two questions: Can you please raise your hand if you have ever received an endorsement on LinkedIn? Can you please keep your hand raised if you have been endorsed for a skill that is irrelevant to you professionally and completely off base? In every training almost all […]

Your LinkedIn Shadow

Your headline on LinkedIn is one of the most highly visible portions of your profile. In fact, just like your shadow, it follows you everywhere you go. This is why it is the second most critical part of building a great LinkedIn profile (your picture is first). Virtually everyone you engage with will see your LinkedIn profile headline. […]

Is hard mail dead in 2014?

Bringing up the topic of hard mail marketing in 2014 typically leads to a response that can be summed up in four words; “hard mail is dead”. But if hard mail were really dead, would Google have sent our business a personalized piece last week? The piece showed our company name in the Google search […]