4 Benefits of LinkedIn Training for Your Sales Team

4 Benefits of LinkedIn Training for Your Sales Team November 19, 2015 – By Aaron Hockel If you’re in charge of managing a sales team, you’re probably always looking for new tools and sales tactics to give your team a competitive edge. LinkedIn sales training can be an invaluable resource for your sales team as […]

LinkedIn Small Business Marketing: How Anyone Can Do It

LinkedIn Small Business Marketing: How Anyone Can Do It November 10, 2015 – By Aaron Hockel Social media may have started as a medium for teens, but it has quickly become a legitimate way to market and advertise. Professional networks like LinkedIn are particularly valuable for B2B businesses that rely on partnerships to fuel sales. […]

LinkedIn Dos & Don’ts from Salesforce!

LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Business September 16, 2015 – By Aaron Hockel LinkedIn can be a powerful sales tool when it is used correctly. Unfortunately the reverse is true as well and using LinkedIn incorrectly could potentially have a negative impact on your business. When it comes to LinkedIn, there are best practices that […]

5 Tips to Increase LinkedIn Post Views

5 Tips to Increase LinkedIn Post Views August 18, 2015 – By Aaron Hockel In early 2014 LinkedIn began a roll out of its publisher feature to all users allowing anyone to create long form blog style posts within LinkedIn and publish them to their network. Adoption of this feature has been swift, as LinkedIn […]

Want Inbound Leads from LinkedIn? Consider Your Value Proposition

If you think your potential clients are not finding and evaluating you on LinkedIn, you are wrong. LinkedIn is the world’s largest online social media tool for professionals and its role in how you and your business is judged and evaluated continues to grow. The question is no longer, are you on LinkedIn? Now the […]

Your LinkedIn Headline Is More Important Than Ever!

Your LinkedIn headline is now more important than ever, because it will now be more visible than ever. LinkedIn recently launched a new layout that gives the entire site a more streamlined look and included in this update is a change that will now associate your headline with your name every time you post content […]

Changes are Coming to Your LinkedIn Search Results

You log onto LinkedIn, ready to track down a candidate for a new job order or identify 10 new sales prospects. You punch in the desired keyword to execute your LinkedIn search and VOILA! You have a few hundred people to comb through. Problem is after you go through the handful of 1st, 2nd, and […]

Conducting a Corporate LinkedIn Audit

Here is a major LinkedIn tip for all small business owners and social media managers: Conduct an audit of your corporate LinkedIn presence. With the 4th fastest growth rate by new member signups, LinkedIn has fully entrenched itself as the premier business oriented social media platform in the world and whether organizations love it or […]

You just built a company LinkedIn page, now what?

One of the most commonly blogged and discussed topics I see regarding LinkedIn is the importance of creating and posting from your company’s LinkedIn page. However, most of these articles simply include why you should build a page, instructions or a link to instructions on how to build a page, and then a line such […]

Maximizing LinkedIn Endorsements

In every LinkedIn training I always ask participants two questions: Can you please raise your hand if you have ever received an endorsement on LinkedIn? Can you please keep your hand raised if you have been endorsed for a skill that is irrelevant to you professionally and completely off base? In every training almost all […]