Value of Monitoring Website Analytics

Value of Monitoring Website Analytics September 28, 2020 – By Erin Gilday Tracking Website Traffic to Improve Business Currently, there are approximately 1.9 billion websites worldwide. With numerous strong competitors across all industries, it’s important to understand how your website stands out against the rest. In order to determine the impact your website has on […]

If You’re Not Using Google’s New Ad Extension, You’re Losing Business Leads

Stay up to date with Google’s updates and never miss new business opportunities December 10, 2019 – By AltaVista With the steady increase of users searching for “roof replacement companies near me” or “HVAC repair near me” on their mobile devices, businesses must keep up with mobile-friendly ads. Many businesses may question how to keep […]

Updating Your Roofing Business’s Blog: 5 Time Saving Tips

Stop Wasting Time Updating Your Roofing Blog September 26, 2016 – By Aaron Hockel 5 time saving tips for updating your roofing blog Managing a roofing blog is no easy task. It requires dedication, effort, and time. It is that last requirement, time, that is a challenge for many roofers. What they do not realize […]

Online Advertising Alternatives to Organic SEO for Contractors

Online Advertising Alternatives to Organic SEO for Contractors September 22, 2016 – By Aaron Hockel Quality online leads are a huge boost to any contractor. Driving online leads, however, is not a simple process. While organic SEO is a proven tactic for driving online leads, it does not mean it is the best option for […]

7 Reasons Remodeling Contractors Need to Revisit Houzz

7 Houzz Facts Infographic September 16, 2016 – By Aaron Hockel Many contractors have explored Houzz in the past but did not think it was right for their business. How does a site focused on interior designers and architects help a roofer or painting contractor? While this might have been true in the early days of Houzz, […]

10 Tips for responding to negative online reviews

10 Tips for responding to negative online reviews September 12, 2016 – By Aaron Hockel Unfortunately, even the best contracting companies will eventually confront a negative online review about their services. Due to the proliferation of review sites, the high amount of traffic they receive, and the anonymity they afford reviewers, the occasional negative review […]

50 Great AdWords Callout Extensions for Contractors

50 Great Ad Callout Extensions for Contractors September 12, 2016 – By Aaron Hockel Ad callout extensions are snippets of information added to text ads in Google Adwords. They appear as either the second or third line of a text ad and must be less than 25 characters in length. Ad callouts are a proven […]

Preparing Your 2016 SEM Campaign?

Preparing Your 2016 SEM Campaign? November 4, 2015 – By Aaron Hockel Are you considering launching a Search Engine Marketing campaign to boost your business? That’s an excellent idea! However, before you jump into the deep end, you should appreciate SEM beyond an understanding of the pay-per-click Internet marketing basics. An SEM campaign is increasingly […]

Will Opening the Instagram Ad Platform Hurt User Experience?

Will Opening the Instagram Ad Platform Hurt User Experience? September 24, 2015 – By Aaron Hockel Two weeks ago, Instagram announced that its advertising platform would be open to all businesses on September 30, 2015. This is a major win for advertisers as the platform boasts 300,000,000 users who spend an average of 21 minutes […]

LinkedIn Dos & Don’ts from Salesforce!

LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Business September 16, 2015 – By Aaron Hockel LinkedIn can be a powerful sales tool when it is used correctly. Unfortunately the reverse is true as well and using LinkedIn incorrectly could potentially have a negative impact on your business. When it comes to LinkedIn, there are best practices that […]