As of 2019, Google holds 86.6% of the search engine market.

As a business owner, why wouldn't you want to leverage that potential traffic to your online content?

Establishing a search engine optimization strategy can be confusing, especially with new systems. In 2020, Google released GA 4 (Google Analytics 4). This release brought significant changes in the way Google collects relevant data and allows business owners to utilize this data. 

Keep reading to learn the impact of Google Analytics 4 on your digital marketing strategy.

How Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Works

Google Analytics is a web analytics service providing critical data for marketing research and search engine optimization (SEO) results. This data shows the performance of a website through insights from visitor actions.

G4 uses Page tags are used to collect data from website visitors. This information helps companies measure the success of online advertising campaigns, obtain demographics of visitors, and understand patterns in daily user engagement.

There are several metrics companies can study by tracking user activities in Google Analytics. These metrics include users, page views, sessions, and more.

Benefits of GA4 Changes

There are a few major changes that came along with the release of GA4. 

To provide convenience for users, businesses can now track data from both mobile and web users. Instead of using an additional application to track mobile data such as Google Analytics for Apps, all information is recorded in the same app.

To better unify data being recorded from mobile visitors, GA4 has created "events". Events include transactions, page visits, and social interactions on your web page. 

Google has also made changes to how one can view and make sense of recorded data. Using the Analysis Hub, businesses can customize what data is viewed. The Analysis Hub lets you construct funnels, develop cohorts, and perform fast ad hoc analysis. 

Additionally, GA4 allows for seamless coordination with the Google Marketing Platform. Users can access many tools related to measurement and analysis.

How to Utilize GA4

With the decreased use of third-party cookies in web tracking, GA4 can still help marketers track the success of online campaigns. 

GA4 has put an increased emphasis on customization. These changes allow users to set their own goalposts for data.

When using GA4 to establish a digital marketing strategy, users should decide what data to include in events. Using events can help businesses measure how effective online campaigns are.

Interested in recording page visits, file downloads, and scrolls? Google Analytics 4 can track this and more. Deciding what metrics matter most to you is key in using GA4. 

Grow Your Company

To grow your company, measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing strategy is critical. Tracking with GA4 can be a breeze despite the system changes. Metrics provided by Google Analytics 4 (GA4) can help a business gain insight into the specific metrics they're looking for.

Deciding which metrics are important and understanding the data can be confusing. Finding digital marketing experts can help one navigate these analytic tools.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to grow your business's digital success and tweak your marketing campaigns to bring you the most traffic possible. 

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