How to Create a Successful Recruitment Strategy

It’s no secret that the past year has presented several challenges for small businesses. The ongoing pandemic has forced business owners to rethink their operations while keeping their employees healthy, happy, and most importantly, compensated.

These days, candidates are now in control of where they want to work, and many companies are competing for the same candidates. This can make it challenging to get candidates interested in your company and eager to apply for your open positions.

By creating a robust recruitment strategy, your business will be able to find the right applicants while saving money, time, and resources.

What is a recruitment strategy?

A recruitment strategy is a long-term plan for hiring new employees. Instead of waiting for employee turnover, your business should have a strategy in place to be proactive in the recruitment and hiring process to avoid staffing shortages or overworked employees.

Creating a recruitment strategy

There are several marketing components that can make up a recruitment strategy depending on your company’s goals and timeline. Take a step back and ask yourself these questions.

1. Does my website have a Careers page? What does it look like?

The best place to start is by posting job openings directly on your company’s website. Research shows that more people are going to Google for their future careers, and fewer people are seeking job boards. Your company’s website will give applicants a feel for what your company has to offer and what they can expect when working for you.

2. What sets my business apart from my competitors?

Now that your website is up to date with a Careers page, it’s time to motivate your applicants. Understand what’s most important to your employees and make it stand out to candidates.

3. How do I get the word out?

One of the most crucial components to a full-proof recruitment strategy is targeting the right audience. Implementing a digital media plan with geofencing will allow you to virtually drop a pin around the exact location(s) you’re looking to target. Take it a step further and trail your website visitors with display ads across 2+ million websites.

4. Is my recruitment strategy working?

Once all of your recruitment strategies are in place, it’s easy to check the box and continue running your operations as normal. But how do you know the recruitment strategy is working? Track your progress! Note key performance indicators that make sense for your business within the recruitment strategy. Measure the time, cost, and quality per hire, as well as the source from which the applicant came from. Using these KPIs will help you grow your business and your bottom line.

Creating a solid, long-term recruitment strategy tailored to your business goals is critical. Hiring a recruitment agency can be costly, but AltaVista offers recruitment strategy services specifically tailored to your company’s long-term vision. Interested in setting up a recruiting strategy session? Send us an email or give us a call at 443-410-3861 to learn more!

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