Build Brand Recognition Through Highly Targeted Display Ad Campaigns

February 26, 2019 - By Aaron Hockel

Website Traffic Retargeting

  There is tremendous power in showing display ads featuring your company’s brand and services to people who have already visited your website. In fact, 60% of people notice display ads from brands they have recently visited online. This is the biggest reason why contractors need a display ad retargeting campaign. While this might seem like something only major brands use, it is a readily available technology to any contractor via Google Ads and can get your ads on over 2 million websites and mobile apps.

Search History Retargeting

Here's a brief and easy example of how search retargeting ads work. Let's assume a property manager working for CBRE wants to find a new job. To start their job search, they run the following Google searches:
  • property management jobs
  • best property management jobs
  • top property management companies to work for
  • Transwestern property management jobs
  • JLL property management careers
By searching these terms, the CBRE property manager is added to an audience based on keywords entered into Google Ads. Moving forward, the CBRE property manager can be shown ads on more than 2 million websites and mobile apps. For commercial contractors, this is an incredibly powerful way to introduce and reinforce their brand to property managers. In addition to entering keywords related to property management jobs, contractors can also target ads based on searches for their specific services.

Website Content Targeting

On top of showing ads to people who searched for property management jobs or a specific service, it is possible to show ads based on the content of a website or even a specific webpage. Using the same keywords as the above scenario, this means putting ads on any webpage with content about property management jobs. These ads will appear everywhere from niche blog posts to articles on major websites, provided the content matches our keyword list. Here's an example of a display ad for Trane on a website about property management:  

Are Display Ads Expensive?

Display ads, compared to traditional pay per click ads, are incredibly cheap. Based on data from AdStage, a monthly display advertising budget of $500 will show your ad approximately 219,000 times and drive over 892 clicks to your website! What makes this extremely powerful is that your ads are shown to people who are:
  • Already researching your company's website
  • Actively searching for specific keywords
  • Visiting websites with specific content
In terms of building brand recognition, a small display advertising budget targeted to the right audiences, can make a huge impact. Want a free quote to launch a display ad campaign for your contracting business? Contact us by filling out the form on this page, calling us at 800-313-2168 or by sending us an email.