Contractors can use Facebook carousel ads to drive more leads without increasing ad spend

February 28, 2017 – By Aaron Hockel for AltaVista Strategic Partners

What are Facebook carousel ads?

Used to highlight multiple products or services, carousel ads are a unique ad format that allows Facebook uses to scroll left to right through multiple images or videos on a single post. Here is an example of a carousel ad that highlights different menu options for a food delivery service:

carousel ad food
On the example ad, users would scroll left to right through the various delivery options. The carousel ad format is a great way for the delivery service to show off multiple types of cuisine instead of having to choose just sushi or just pizza. Carousel ads can feature up to 10 images and can also include videos.

How can contractors use carousel ads effectively?

Whether your business specializes in general contracting, painting, roofing, or any other specific trade, Facebook carousel ads can be used effectively for your business. Here are three ways contractors can use carousel ads:

  • Highlight Multiple Services: An exterior remodeling contractor that provides roofing, windows, siding, and doors could create a carousel showing off a before and after for each service.
  • Feature Multiple Products: A garage door contractor could create a carousel of various garage door models.
  • Project Lifecycle: Create a carousel that shows the steps of a project transforming a space from start to finish.

Do carousel ads outperform single image ads?

Beyond the benefits of highlighting multiple products or services, carousel ads vastly outperform single image ads in both cost per conversion and cost per click. Facebook reports that carousel ads have an average cost per click that is 20-30% lower than single image ads and are capable of reducing cost per conversion by 30-50%. Without changing your Facebook ad budget, carousel ads will lower your cost per click and generate more leads at the same time. By combining the carousel format with Facebook lead form ads, contractors can truly amplify their lead generation results from Facebook.

How can my contracting business launch a carousel ad?

If your contracting business is already using single image ads, updating them to carousel ads is a fairly simple process. When you build your next ad, just choose the multiple image format and instead of uploading one image, upload up to 10 images related to your ad. That’s it. Launch your ad just like you normally would and Facebook will take care of the rest.

Contractors looking for help launching a carousel ad campaign can check out Facebook’s free tutorial orcontact AltaVista Strategic Partners for a free consultation. Our marketing team can be reached by filling out the contact form on this page, calling us at 1-800-313-2168, or sending us an email.

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