Drive more value from your e-newsletter by incorporating these proven tactics

February 2, 2017 - By Aaron Hockel for AltaVista Strategic Partners

Every contracting business should be running a monthly e-newsletter to its past customers and prospects. They are a proven way to boost brand awareness, advertise additional services, highlight exclusive offers, and drive repeat business. Whether your contracting business is getting ready to send its first e-newsletter or has been running one for years, here are 5 sure fire ways to improve your results:

Focus on a relevant core topic

E-Newsletters that touch on a variety of topics are less successful because their core message gets lost. Drill down on one key topic that is relevant to your customers. A painting contractor should not talk about deck staining, office painting, and painting vinyl siding in one newsletter. Pick one topic and drill down on it. Not only will this improve engagement, it will make it easier to compile and execute your newsletter each month.

Tie content to seasonally relevant topics

While this is not possible for every industry in every market, contractors who can address seasonally relevant topics can improve newsletter results by focusing on them. If you are an HVAC contractor in Boston, talk about heating systems in January, not air conditioners. A roofer in Miami should address roof inspections for hurricane preparedness at the beginning of the season in June, not the end. Make sense?

Incorporate an educational component and promotional incentive

Do not simply blast out a promotional offer each month to all of your customers. Including an educational piece in each newsletter creates additional value for your readers and helps establish your expertise. A great way to include a blog headline and one or two sentences that introduce the topic then link out to the blog on your website. This saves real estate on your newsletter, makes it easier to read, and offers value to your readers.

Offer a strong exclusive incentive

E-Newsletter promotions need to be meaningful and exclusive to the newsletter. Offering $50 off a $1,500 driveway sealcoating project does not give your customers a great reason to call. Offers do not need to be over the top, but need to be substantial enough to drive leads. Here is an example of a "10% Off All Painting Jobs" coupon:   contractor e-newsletter   Two other types of offers that resonate well are BOGO (buy one get one) offers and sliding scale percentage offers. For example: "Paint one room, get one room 50% off!" or "Spring Landscaping Savings! Spend $2,500 save 10%, Spend $5,000 Save 15%, Spend $10,000 Save 20%!".

Highlight ancillary and complimentary services

Email newsletters are a great place to let readers know about additional services your contracting business offers. If your business is named XYZ Painting, but you also offer pressure washing, deck staining, and epoxy flooring, incorporate these services into your newsletter via the educational and incentive components. This is an excellent way to drive hot leads with loyal customers who already trust your workmanship. Ready to launch an email newsletter for your contracting business? Both Constant Contact and MailChimp offer low cost do it yourself software or you can contact AltaVista Strategic Partners for a free consultation. Our marketing team can be reached by filling out the contact form on this page, calling us at 1-800-313-2168, or sending us an email.

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