Increase conversions and drive more PPC leads with Google’s call only ads

January 2, 2017 – By Aaron Hockel

What are call only ads in Google AdWords?

Just like their name implies, call only ads in Google AdWords are a mobile ad type that launch direct phone calls to an advertiser versus sending traffic to a website or landing page. They have a different look and feel than traditional mobile text ads, even ones that are using call extensions. Here is an example that demonstrates the differences in the two ad types:

call only ads
The “red ad” is a standard text ad with a call extension. Clicking on the blue text sends users to a website or landing page while a click on the gray phone number launches a call. The “green ad” is a call only ad where a click on the blue text launches a phone call and there is no option to visit the advertisers website or landing page.

When setting up a call only ad campaign in Google, here are 5 tips to improve your results and drive more leads:

#1: Highlight the value of an immediate call in your ad text

Call only ads should be written and structured differently than traditional ads. Make it clear what the user gains by immediately calling your business. This is important because your call only ads appear next to standard ads, so make sure the benefit of calling is clear. Here are a few examples:

  • Talk To An Expert – Call Now
  • Schedule Your Estimate – Call Today
  • Get A Quote In 5 Minutes – Speak To An Expert

#2: Only run ads when your able to answer the phone

While it is great to run ads all the time, call only ads should be run only during times when a real representative of your business is available to field the call. Never send call only ads to a recorded navigation menu or voicemail because it is a complete waste of money.

#3: Set up your call only ads in their own campaign

This allows for multiple advantages including location based ad targeting, creating unique call only ads, and manually adjusting CPC bids at the campaign level rather than the ad group or keyword level. From an analysis standpoint, it is also easier to evaluate call only ads when they are all housed in their own campaign.

#4: Use exact match keywords with transactional intent

Consider the search intent of “local painter quotes” versus “local painter reviews”. The first search clearly demonstrates transactional intent, while the second search could be looking to purchase services or just be researching local companies. The exact match keyword type only generates calls for search terms that are pre-selected for their transactional nature.

#5: Manually increase your cost per click bids

Call only ads typically have a higher cost per click than regular text ads because they are essentially an automatic conversion. Do not be afraid to bid up to $30 or $40 per call. What makes more sense: spending $100 for 10 clicks to your website and get one converted lead or spending $100 for 2 phone calls from transactional searches

How do I set up a call only ad campaign in Google AdWords?

To launch a call only campaign, sign into your Google AdWords account, click on the add campaign button, and select a search network campaign. On the next page select the call only ad type then finish setting up your campaign in terms of location targeting, keywords, ads, etc. There are additional nuances to setting up a call only ads campaign in Google, so be sure to checkout Google’s help tutorial on the topic.

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