10 Reasons Email Marketing is a Must For Service Contractors

December 14, 2015 - By Aaron Hockel

There’s plenty of competition out there for commercial contractors, which is why a good marketing plan is essential. At AltaVista Strategic Partners, we’ve found email marketing to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for numerous industries. It holds particular value for contractors, as it allows you to build relationships and credibility, and most importantly, boost your bottom line. Here are 10 key reasons to hop on the bandwagon today.

1. Build Your Brand

Familiarity is a driving factor in trust, which is necessary for consumer confidence. Through regular communications, you can cement your name and message in the minds of potential clients, increasing the chances that they’ll look you up when services are necessary.

2. Develop Marketing Strategies

As one of the more affordable means of exposing your business to clients, contractor email marketing is a great way to test the waters on new marketing techniques and ideas.

3. Reach Wider Audiences

Email is utilized by an estimated 91 percent of viable consumers in the U.S. While social media has become more popular in many circles, email marketing still produces about three times more purchases, with a 17 percent higher dollar value on average, according to McKinsey & Company.

4. Be Current

Snail mail and more traditional marketing methods certainly have their place in today’s world. However, a strong email campaign lets clients know that your business isn’t lagging behind technologically.

5. Drive Repeat Business

Perhaps more than other types, commercial contractors rely on repeat and referral business. A developed email marketing strategy helps to keep your name fresh and reminds previous clients that you’re available when needed.

6. Facilitate Communication

Email-based marketing connects with potential clients when they’re already engaged in communication and correspondence. Being visible during this key period can help influence more fruitful contacts.

7. Reach Them Where They Are

A majority of emails are now accessed via mobile devices, underlining the importance of this channel for marketing purposes. Make sure you’re reaching your audience at the times and in the places they’re most likely to be receptive.

8. Promote Services

Highlight what your business offers, especially during sales and promotional periods. Consider capitalizing on various seasonal needs which commercial buildings often require, such as roofing or window work.

9. Increase Your Customer Base

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is the ability to instantly reach large numbers of potential clients. Make sure your marketing invites newcomers to your website, social media pages, etc.

10. Profitability

The purpose of any marketing effort is to increase revenue and profit, which should always remain your primary focus. Stick to the principles that hold true for any type of campaign: have a great message, make sure you say it well, and repeat. When you apply proven strategies to booming technologies, you stand to make substantial gains for your company.

Every commercial contractor can benefit from an effective email marketing strategy. Remember these 10 email marketing tips when preparing your next campaign!