Preparing Your 2016 SEM Campaign?

November 4, 2015 – By Aaron Hockel

Are you considering launching a Search Engine Marketing campaign to boost your business? That’s an excellent idea! However, before you jump into the deep end, you should appreciate SEM beyond an understanding of the pay-per-click Internet marketing basics. An SEM campaign is increasingly essential to competitive businesses as consumers are using search engines as primary networking portals. Once you get the hang of the system, you’ll be able to adapt more quickly and effectively. As you begin this exciting process, keep these tips in mind.

Understand How Marketing Has Changed

Just a few years ago, television ads were the new and most effective means of reaching broader audiences. However, cable subscriptions are decreasing as Internet services replace traditional media consumption. Consumers no longer favor commercials that interrupt music or television programs, so advertisers have moved towards content marketing. Instead of interrupting consumers, marketers are trying to connect with consumers on their terms.

Save Money Online

Recent research states that moving advertising budgets into the digital realm has increased reach without increasing spending. With content marketing, the cost per lead falls and website conversion rates exceed those of traditional media. As the costs per thousand persons reached decreases, you can use your advertising budget more effectively. Reportedly, average sites return conversions ranging from 6 to 12 percent, boosting the bottom lines of connected enterprises.

Look to Content Marketing

How does content marketing benefit you over traditional ads?

  • It’s an asset: Well-crafted and clean content is timeless. Advertising campaigns end, but quality content is forever.
  • It’s sharable: Internet users enjoy sharing interesting content with their social networks. For your business, that means continuous exposure.
  • It’s easily tailored: For cost effectiveness, a single TV ad needs to reach the broadest possible audience. However, content can be more easily tailored to niche groups, which fosters stronger connections.
  • It allows for detail: It’s hard to get to the nitty-gritty in 60 seconds or less, but blogs and websites give you plenty of space to elaborate on your brand and services.
Know What’s Coming

Before you stark talking about costs, understand what you need from your SEM campaign. Usual components include:

  • Content audit
  • Website optimization
  • Email templates
  • Social media management
  • Blog posts
  • Strategy
  • Distribution methods
  • Promotion

Though these are some of the most common elements for SEM plans, your individual needs may vary depending on your specific goals.

Establish a Budget

Once you have a deeper understanding of your enterprise’s needs, set a budget. Allow for a little wiggle room, but decide on a firm spending limit. As you move forward, you’ll remain more committed to your advertising regimen if you’ve already designated funding. Additionally, you’ll better manage spending when you understand the limits of your financial support. A budget helps you stay focused and realistic about your SEM marketing goals.

When you decide to make the plunge into an SEM campaign for 2016, be aware that the search engine market is constantly changing. Take the time to learn the basics before you set a budget or hire a SEM professional. If you do, you’ll make the most of your pay-per-click Internet marketing.

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