Why Google Adwords is Right For Your Small Business

October 27, 2015 - By Aaron Hockel

5 Reasons Google is the right search marketing provider for small businesses:

1. Search Engine Marketing for Small Businesses

If you are investing in pay-per-click Internet marketing, familiarity and usage of Google Adwords is necessary. Currently, Google dominates all other search engines in global traffic. Additionally, the search engine is the most common entry point for Internet users. However, Google Adwords comes with much more than reach and access. You also get top-notch analytics based on the search engine’s algorithms. In the ever-changing world of Search Engine Marketing, these types of tools are increasingly important.

2. Upgrade Your Organization

With a solid framework, you can achieve anything. You’re prepared for changing markets and have procedures to fall back on when creative solutions run thin. For effective and efficient advertising, it is essential to organize your framework, a key feature of Google Adwords. From a single account, you can differentiate information based on campaigns and ad groups. You’ll have a clear structure for determining what keywords are working and which should be altered. When you have everything in order, making small but important changes becomes a much simpler task.

3. Pick Better Keywords

Keywords are the crux of any SEM campaign, so it’s imperative to know what words are performing well for your business. As a small business, you may not have the luxury of retaining an on-call SEO expert to monitor your keyword performance. With an Adwords account, you get access to performance analysis features and keyword choice tools. Using a multifaceted approach, you can monitor your quality score as well as your bids. When keeping an eye on the local market, staying ahead of effective keywords is essential.

4. Targeting Your Audience

When you write ads, you need to learn to target your core audience and/or invite in new clients. For your pay-per-click Internet marketing, Adwords has a simple and streamlined format:

• Headline • Description • Display URL • Destination URL

You’ll get the opportunity to monitor your ad’s position in query results, so you can gauge the effectiveness of your ad content. Adwords has a diagnostic tool to help you find ways to improve your written content and engage your intended audience more successfully.

5. Creating a Cohesive Campaign

Once you’ve completed the process of pinning down the details of your campaign, you need to cohesively implement your plan. With this goal in mind, it’s necessary to utilize a user-friendly and streamlined system. Adwords delivers on such an interface and as with the Google algorithms, the program is constantly changing and improving. With such a workable system, you can experiment with your campaigns and react quickly as you analyze conversion rates and analytical reports. Using the many tools at your disposal, you can monitor advertising on micro and macro levels.

Navigating effective and ethical SEM tactics can feel tricky for small businesses, but with Google Adwords at your disposal, you have a wealth of essential tools and guidance to draw from. You gain access of program tutorials, learning documents and analytics directly from Google. Using Google Adwords helps keep your small business at the top of search results, making your enterprise much more competitive. If you invest the time, your PPC ads will begin to pay off in a big way.

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