This question, made famous by the game show, ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ allowed contestants to poll the audience for their answers to a specific question, with the hope that their general knowledge pointed to the right option. Now anyone with a Google+ account can essentially do the same with the new poll-posting feature.

Released in early October, the polls feature on Google+ allows any user to ask a question and offer up to 5 answer choices. They can then choose to share the poll privately or publicly. Users can see how many votes have been cast and like every other post on Google+, polls can also be given a +1, shared, and commented on.

Users vote by simply clicking on the option they would like to vote for, which will reveal the current outcome of the poll with each answer having its current percentage of votes displayed. Users are only able to see the results of a poll by voting and can also see the votes of other users on any poll that has been posted publicly.

Checkout a recent poll posted on our Google+ page.

One of the great things about this new Google+ option is that polls can have all the answer options appear as either images or GIFs, which gives users the ability to make highly visual and engaging polls. Checkout how The Hunger Games is using GIFs in its poll answers.

While this is a new feature of Google+, the concept of polls, and how they can be used from a marketing standpoint, is not new. Google+’s new poll feature is helpful in that it allows users to quickly create simple polls directly on Google+, which can then shared via custom hyperlinks on other social platforms or via emails. (being able to see who voted for what on a public poll can also be very insightful!)

For more information, here is a link to Google’s article on how to create or respond to a poll.

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