Anyone who has been on a few job interviews knows how it is going to end. The person conducting the interview will say something along the lines of “What questions do you have for me?” and it becomes the candidates turn to ask the questions. This affords candidates a chance to ask questions that can help them decide if the job opportunity and organization are right for their next career move. It also provides a chance to continue to impress the person conducting the interview. Candidates should always have at least three quality questions to ask at the end of any interview that are not standard HR questions. Below are 5 questions that are impactful to ask following any interview.
  1. How long have you been here and how has the company continued to challenge you professionally throughout that time?
  2. What types of training and education programs do you have in place to help grow your employees’ skill sets?
  3. How does the company define success for an employee in this position over the first twelve months?
  4. Whoever gets hired for this position, what is the most meaningful way they could contribute to the company over the first 3 months?
  5. What does it take for an employee in this role to exceed your expectations?
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