Reports from Forbes indicate that 78% of sales professionals using social media to reach their prospects outperform their peers who are not using social media. This report only further demonstrates the importance of incorporating the “social touch” into our sales process in 2014. The following list offers 10 quick ideas to “socially touch” our prospects on LinkedIn after our first face to face contact.
  1. Request to connect with a new prospect on LinkedIn
  2. Send a “thank you” message after a prospect accepts our invitation to connect
  3. Offer an endorsement of a prospect’s skills on their profile
  4. “Like” or “Comment” on a prospect’s post
  5. Try contacting a prospect with a LinkedIn message instead of a traditional email
  6. Tag a prospect in a post that they would find relevant with a quick note
  7. View a prospect’s profile on LinkedIn so they get alerted the next time they log in
  8. Invite a prospect to join a group you started on LinkedIn
  9. “Share” a prospect’s post to help it gain more visibility and engagement
  10. For premium users, use an InMail to send valuable information to a prospect
Adding LinkedIn engagement to our sales routine is a great way to incorporate the “social touch” into our sales process and take advantage of the influence social media has on sales. For more information on how AltaVista can help your sales team incorporate LinkedIn into its sales process or use social media in general, please contact us by filling out the form on this page, calling us at 410-760-6680, or emailing us at [email protected].  

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