For the past few years, acquiring a large Facebook following and then posting engaging and creative content has been a cornerstone in any online marketing plan. However, recent data trends suggest it might be time for B2B businesses to reassess how much of their time and focus is spent on Facebook.

As Facebook users add friends, follow more pages, and share more content, space in the news stream has become incredibly competitive. As a result company pages and the content posted from pages have become a major victim. According to Oglivy, organic post reach on Facebook dropped to as low as 2.11% of followers in February 2014, down from 12.05% in October 2013.

How can this massive decline in reach be overcome in the B2B environment? Go to LinkedIn.

For starters, LinkedIn allows us to create highly focused pay-per-click ads which can re-direct our target audience to our website. A commercial roofer could author a post about how the price of shingles is rising due to rising oil prices and finish it with a link to their website. This post could then be promoted only to users with the title property manager, facility director, or building engineer in the New York Metropolitan area. The ad will only appear to users who can be easily identified as potential buyers of commercial roofing services in the New York Metropolitan area.

What makes this even more powerful is that website traffic re-directed from LinkedIn has the third best average of all social platforms in terms of user engagement. The average visitor from LinkedIn spends 1:33 on your site, visits over 2 pages, and only bounces at a rate of 51% according to a recent study from Shareaholic.

To summarize, businesses can drive promoted posts to the people they want to do business with. Furthermore, when people are driven their websites, they tend to spend more time there than does traffic from Twitter or Facebook. If you are noticing diminishing reach on your Facebook posts, consider devoting more of you social strategy to LinkedIn in order to get your content to decision makers in your industry you want to do business with.

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